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Tax Policy & Revenue Administration

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International Tax Dialogue

The ITD is a collaborative arrangement involving the EC, IDB, IMF, OECD, UK-DFID and World Bank Group to encourage and facilitate discussion of tax matters among national tax officials, international organisations, and a range of other key stakeholders.

Tax Data Mapper

As of December 2011, around 126 World Bank Group (WBG) operations (we are updating the mapping survey, so very soon we will provide you with new data) -credits, loans and TA advisory services-have components involving tax policy and revenue administration. Of the 126 operations, 82 are WB-funded projects and 44 are TA advisory services provided by the IFC. The operations target more than 70 countries, and all groups of country income classifications, but most of the operations target low income countries in Sub-Saharan Africa, and upper middle income countries in Latin America and Caribbean, and Europe and Central Asia.

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The total number of operations managed by the WBG broken down by regions:

Number of Operations by Region WB IFC TOTAL
AFR 13 15 28
EAP 14 7 21
ECA 18 13 31
LAC 33 2 35
SAR 3 5 8
MNA 1 2 3
TOTAL 82 44 126
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Revenue and Tax Administration Topics
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Our Revenue Administration specialists are:

Raul Felix Junquera-Varela
and Julia Dhimitri


Increased Relevance of Tax Issues

[14 Feb 2012] Workshop on tax compliance surveys
[6 Feb 2012] Seminar on Taxes and inequality
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