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Public Sector Management Approach


"Better Results from Public Sector Institutions"

This publication (dated February 3, 2012) has been prepared by the Public Sector & Governance Board (PSGB) of the World Bank with the intensive collaboration of Bank staff working on public sector and governance challenges.

The over-arching purpose of the new PSM approach is to set out strategic directions for making the World Bank a more effective partner to client governments in improving their ability to deliver public sector results. By results we mean those that are needed by citizens' today in sectors such as health, education, agriculture and transport – as well as results such as fiscal stability which maximize the prospects that those sector improvements will still be delivered tomorrow.

The new PSM approach has emerged from consultations with a broad range of governments, development partners, civil society organizations, private sector, academics and other stakeholders. The consultation process was structured in two phases.

• Development Phase (October 2010 to March 2011): The draft PSM Approach was developed through a first phase of intensive consultations with the Advisory Group, key partners and within the Bank.

• Public Consultation Phase (April 2011 until 30 June 2011): Broad public consultations have been launched in April 2011 based on the draft PSM Approach that emerged from the consultations in Phase 1. They are primarily conducted online through this consultation site.

A summary of the views and feedback received in the consultation process has been published on the consultation blog .

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