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Transparency and Information Management

Transparency and Information Management
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Open Learning Campus Podcast

Implementing the Right to Information

This podcast series disseminates knowledge undertaken by the World Bank Governance and Public Sector Management unit on the legal frameworks of right to information and accompanying implementation efforts in the public sector. Check out this podcast on iTunes >>

Transparency and Information Management Open Discussion Forum

The World Bank Group is pleased to announce the launch of a new discussion forum on transparency and information management. The hour-long discussion forum occurs weekly via conference call and consists of short presentations from Bank staff, leaders of civil society organizations and academics on key themes or initiatives relating to open and transparent governance. The presentations are followed by a further 20 minutes of open discussion and participant feedback on the topics covered in the presentations. For those unable to participate in the live discussion, each session is recorded and available for download from this site.

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The WBG Transparency and Information Management Engagement Atlas

The WBG Transparency and Information Management Engagement Atlas is an interactive visual data analysis tool intended to assist researchers in gaining insights into WBG engagements related to transparency and information management. By interacting with the visualizations in the atlas, users are able to see trends, detect patterns, and compare project, country and other types of data to answer questions about the Bank's engagements.

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Transparency Organizations Around the World

The map shows organizations involved in advocating for transparency and information management around the world.

Transparency Organizations

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