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Governance & Public Accountability

Governance & Public Accountability
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GPF Annual Report 2013

Governance Partnership Facility (GPF) Annual Report 2013 highlights outcomes from GPF grants disbursed in fiscal year 2013, and provides a snapshot of the GPF at a stage in the program when the last allocations of grants have been approved. Read more >>

Right to Information Legislation

Click on the map above to view Right to Information (RTI) Legislation all over the world.

Anti-Corruption Authorities

The Anti-Corruption Authorities (ACA) is a sharing platform and meeting ground for ACAs, anti-corruption practitioners, and other international actors.

Actionable Governance Indicators Data Portal

The Actionable Governance Indicators (AGI) Data Portal provides a one-stop-shop navigation platform and tools for data management, analysis and display.

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Our Governance & Public Accountability experts include: Robert Beschel, Francesca Recanatini, Verena Fritz, Anupama Dokenya.

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Open Development
One of World Bank's programs that enable 'citizen-centric' development.
Public Accountability Mechanisms
Brings forth data on efforts to enhance government transparency and the accountability of public officials.
WBI Collaborative Governance
WBI's governance practice believes that supporting open and collaborative governance will enable local change agents to achieve development results in their own contexts.
Country Diagnostic Surveys
Maps and measures critical public sector governance issues that feed into participatory and targeted reform planning.

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