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State-Building in Fragile & Conflict-Afflicted States


State-Building in Fragile & Conflict-Afflicted States Toolkit (SBAT)

Building resilient states is essential to overcoming fragility and conflict. State-building is a process through which the authority, capacity and legitimacy of the state and its institutions are strengthened across sectors or state ‘domains’ over time. This toolkit aims to help country teams assess state-building needs and identify ways to address them. | Read Brief [PDF 726K] >>

Extended SBAT
Click to view larger image [PDF 192K]

The ‘Extended’ or ‘Full’ version [xls 167K] , also includes an assessment of the political and social context, and space for recording a broader range of strategic and operational implications for the Bank and its partners.

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The ‘Slim’ version [xls 121K] focuses more narrowly on the state-building assessment.

DRAFT: Beyond Capacity: Addressing Authority and Legitimacy in Fragile States (2012) [PDF 314K] - This article argues that a more holistic approach to state-building is required to address the challenge of fragile states. Such an approach should help strengthen state and institutional legitimacy and authority in addition to building capacity.
state-building assessment tool (sbat)

Sabina Schnell gives an overview of the SBAT

Guidance Note [PDF 1.7M] - details the conceptual framework

Indicator Template [xls 92K] - generates the ‘FCS, State-building Country-At-A- Glance’ Sheets

Technical Guide [PDF 753K] - helps navigate the SBAT

Indicators to inform the domain-level assessment for selected countries
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