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Decentralization Infrastructure Seminar 2013

Decentralization & Infrastructure: From Gaps to Solutions
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Panel 1: Where are the Gaps in Infrastructure Development? Are Subnational Governments Up to the Task?
Chair of Session: Alan Gelb, Center for Global Development

  • Infrastructure Gaps at the Subnational Level: Luis Alberto Andrés (World Bank), Dan Biller (World Bank) and
    Jordan Schwartz (World Bank)
    Presentation [PDF 946K]
  • Subnational Spending and Quality: Kai Kaiser (World Bank) and Lorena Viñuela (World Bank)
    Presentation [PDF 948K]

Panel 2: When Things are in Flux: Functions and Finance for Decentralized Public Investment
Chair of Session: Sudarshan Gooptu, Sector Manager, Economic Policy and Debt Management, PRMED

Panel 3: Serving Only a Few? Objectives in Decentralized Infrastructure Provision
Chair of Session: Christine Wallich, Director General, IEG

  • Capital Infrastructure and Equity Objectives: Jorge Martinez-Vazquez (Georgia State University) and Andrey Timofeev (Georgia State University)
    Presentation [PDF 468K]
  • Health Infrastructure: Bernard Dafflon (University of Fribourg) and François Vaillancourt (University of Montreal)
    Presentation [PDF 400K]
  • Education Infrastructure: Alec Gershberg (The New School for Public Engagement)
    Presentation [PDF 2M]

Panel 4: Investing into the Invisible: Management and Coordination of Decentralized Public Investment
Chair of Session: Marianne Fay, Chief Economist, Sustainable Development Network

  • Asset Preservation and the Challenge of Operation and Maintenance: William Fox (University of Tennessee) and Matthew Murray (University of Tennessee)
    Presentation [PDF 136K]
  • Monitoring and Evaluation: Robert Ebel (University of Washington, D.C.) and Ha Vu (World Bank)
    Presentation [PDF 1.2M]
  • Coordination of Public Investment among Levels of Government: Claire Charbit (OECD) and
    Cathérine Gamper (OECD)
    Presentation [PDF 749K]

Panel 5: The Winner Take it All: Political Economy Challenges in Decentralization of Infrastructure
Chair of Session: Vikram Nehru, Carnegie

  • The Political Economy of Infrastructure Planning: Leonardo Romeo (New York University) and
    Paul Smoke (New York University)
    Presentation [PDF 765K]
  • Decentralized Provision of Infrastructure and Corruption: Anwar Shah (former World Bank)
    Presentation [PDF 1.4M]

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