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Ideas Incubator

Public Sector & Governance

Ideas Incubator

"I begin with an idea and then it becomes something else."
Pablo Picasso

"Discovery consists of seeing what everybody has seen and thinking what nobody has thought."
Albert von Szent-Gyorgy


The evolving institutional and cultural environment in which we operate continuously poses new challenges for development practitioners. Here are a few of the new initiatives that the Governance and Public Accountability team is working on to address some of these challenges as they emerge. For additional information and feedback please email



Financial disclosure systems are often touted as a straightforward method for instilling accountability in the public sector. But little data exists on resource constraints and practical approaches to establishing systems and sustaining performance. This pilot survey will collect information on the implementation and immediate impacts of FD systems, with the aim of assisting countries in strengthening their frameworks and providing an understanding of how FD systems function in practice.

Anti-corruption Authorities (ACA) have been mushrooming over the past decade as a measure to address corruption at the country level but their effectiveness remain questionable. This initiative aims at developing a comprehensive framework to measure ACAs performance and effectiveness on the ground building on the on-going work on ACAs and the ACA Portal.

Corruption and poor governance can have a negative impact on citizens, businesses and the institutions of a country. Increasingly policy makers and practitioners are struggling to quantify this impact. This initiative attempts to offer an answer to this question by using existing data and information from the experiences of citizens and businesses in dealing with government officials.

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