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Moldova Case Study

Moldova Implementing Right to Information


Summary [Full Document PDF 810K]

Moldova Case Study CoverMoldova passed a Right to Information law in 2000 in a period of political, economic and social transitions. The momentum of reform in the region in the wake of the breakdown of the Soviet Union and the motivation to gain international support in the face of domestic political upheaval all contributed to the passage of the law. But little has been done to implement the law, and what evidence there is - mostly data from civil society surveys - suggests little use of the law by citizens. There is no nodal agency overseeing implementation, and no information commission ensuring enforcement. Recent open government initiatives promise to herald an era of transparency, but have been relatively disconnected from RTI. Integrating attention to RTI in Open Government initiatives, will ensure that open government is not only a top-down process of government putting information online, but also one that is based on citizens' rights and needs.

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