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Data and Diagnostics


This section sets out some of the most recent cross-national data on government employment and wages, noting that international comparisons, used with caution, provide interesting information regarding employment levels and wage adequacy.

The data presented in this site can provide pointers for further analysis, but of course cannot replace in-depth country specific study. The page on cross-national data also sets out a stylized representation of the main components of government employment, offering a policy-relevant model for disaggregating public employment into components. The model is used throughout this site.

The page on non-monetary incentives illustrates the significance of total compensation, including in-kind and intangible benefits, and describes work in progress to analyze the impact of the institutional environment on public officials’ performance.

Evaluating pay and establishment choices provides some practical approaches to determine appropriate comparators for public sector remuneration levels in developing countries, where the true employment alternatives of many public sector workers are in the informal sector of the economy. It also sets out some work in progress in assessing tradeoffs when modeling civil service pay and employment options.



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