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The Bank - Netherlands Partnership Program

The Bank-Netherlands Partnership Program (BNPP) is an agreement between the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) and the World Bank to provide financing and a priority setting framework for all new projects and programs of a global and regional (GRI) nature as well as for a Consultancy Trust Fund (CTF) financed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This page describes the GRI program; The Netherlands is one of the two largest donors of trust fund resources to the World Bank.

The funding amounts are established in the BNPP framework agreements: the basic BNPP funding is NLG 37.5 million per year (about US$ 18.75 million), of which NLG 11 million are applied to the CTF and NLG 26.5 million (about US $13.25 million) to the GRI. Every Spring, the MFA informs TFC how the available funding is to be allocated among priority sectors.

Working together with focal points in these sectors, MFA staff and Sector Boards establish priorities and criteria to select proposals. Focal points dialogue with the MFA as part of the proposal, implementation, reporting, and completion phases of the project. During the implementation of these activities, the TFC coordinator follows up on the financial implementation and consolidates reporting for MFA and Bank management. This three-way core relationship (MFA-Sector Boards-TFC) is the keystone of the partnership.

Presently, the Dutch prioritize environment, water resource management, renewable energy, gender, governance, poverty, urban development , health, water and sanitation programs, education and culture and development and rural development, as well as other initiatives related to the WTO and the UN.

Bank-Netherlands Partnership Program Contacts (as of August 30, 2000) Cora Shaw (BNPP Coordinator) and Ekaterina Kan (Cofinancing Analyst).


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