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Administrative & Civil Service Reform Virtual Network Members

The ACSR-VNet represents a new form of collaboration between professional organizations committed to improving the quality of international debate on Administrative and Civil Service reform. Current members include:

The World Bank will display details of ACSR-VNet members prominently within the Administrative and Civil Service Reform website, encouraging visitors to the site to review the work of ACSR-VNet members. The site attracts a significant audience of professionals and practitioners interested in current developments.

If, as an organization, you are interested in joining the ACSR-VNet, then please download and complete the Memorandum of Understanding and Information Sheet from this link. The World Bank then will consider the request for membership in collaboration with CAPAM, the International Institute of Administrative Sciences, the OECD Programme on Public Management and Governance, and SIGMA. If all agree, then the World Bank will provide your webmaster with material for loading into "frames" on your website, and the World Bank will display your details prominently on this page as an ACSR-VNet member.

Members are provided with material from the World Bank website for use directly their own sites. The organization's logo and that of the World Bank are displayed in a "frame" on each of the shared pages.


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