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Sierra Leone: TOR

Project Manager, Civil Service Verification Government of Sierra Leone
  1. Manage and supervise the process of photographic registration of civil servants, teachers and members of the police force;
  2. Co-ordinate the registration schedules and registration-modalities with the departments;
  3. Co-ordinate technical assistants (accts.) in the process of fact-finding and the clarification of policy-issues within the departments during the registration;
  4. Manage and supervise the verification through records held at the ESO and any other hardcopy-records;
  5. Manage and supervise the printing of ID Cards;
  6. Software development (MS Access) for networked Personnel Management Information System;
  7. Software implementation, Data management and analysis;
  8. Transfer of data related to payroll from the personnel-database to the payroll-accounting system (AGD);
  9. Training of local (Sierra Leonean) system operators (Windows, MS-Access - data management, backup-routines, networking, ID-card-printing, etc.);
  10. Technical assistance for the registration of pensioners (same technology as civil service registration);
  11. Compilation of evidence to cases of payroll-fraud; coordination with the Criminal Investigations Department on the investigation of such cases;
  12. Various troubleshooting within the IT infrastructure of the Accountant General's Department;
  13. Report to the project-team-leader (Accountant General).

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