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Agency & Sector Issues


Not all administrative developments have an impact across the entire public sector. Many sets of arrangements and concerns are specific to a particular agency (or group of agencies) or to a certain sector.

This section sets out some of the key concerns in improving the accountability and participation of public officials, and in setting service standards and measuring performance at the agency or organizational level. Alternative service delivery mechanisms represent a challenge to traditional ministries and departments as the preferred organizational format. Governments have found that hierarchical, vertically-integrated departments have often proven too rigid and unresponsive in a public sector environment that is increasingly complex, turbulent, and demanding.

Organizational culture is a concern for all agencies seeking to improve performance.

Functional reviews and re-engineering have been attempted in many settings to determine proper staffing and incentive levels through a careful examination of an agency’s objectives, tasks, and resource capacity. At their best, functional reviews and re-engineering can help to match organizational requirements and human resource policies for individual agencies.

Finally, this section sets out some of the employment issues specific to the health and education sectors.