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Country Reform Summaries

There are country reform summaries for fourteen countries set out below: Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Netherlands, New Zealand, Poland, South Korea, the UK, and the USA. Representatives of the Russian Federation Government selected the countries as they wished to see a summary of the administrative reform challenges facing similar problems with similar starting points, and those of some countries confronted with very different circumstances.

These summaries are used as analysis for the paper "Building on Strengths: Lessons from Comparative Public Administration Reforms" prepared for the government of the Russian Federation by Nick Manning and Neil Parison, with Kathy Lalazarian, Jana Orac and Jeff Rinne, all in the World Bank. (A link to this paper is under preparation).

The summaries focus, roughly, on the reform concerns and activities of governments in the 14 countries selected over the last 15 years. Given that it is in the nature of administrative reforms that their beginning and end is a little difficult to discern exactly, this period has been interpreted relatively freely. The summaries also deliberately focused on central or federal government, although noting some of the major reform developments have been and continue to be at state or subnational level.

The following experts prepared the country reform summaries:

AustraliaGeoff Dixon, Geoff Dixon & Associates, Canberra
BrazilGeoffrey Shepherd, Sector Lead Specialist, Public Sector, World Bank and
Jeff Rinne, Public Sector Group, World Bank
CanadaGord Evans, Senior Consultant, Institute of Public Administration of Canada
ChileGeoffrey Shepherd, Sector Lead Specialist, Public Sector, World Bank
ChinaJohn P. Burns, Professor, the University of Hong Kong with Chau-Ching Shen, Senior Financial Management Specialist, World Bank
FinlandSeppo Tiihonen, Senior Public Sector Specialist, World Bank
GermanyDr. Elke Löffler, Public Sector Consultant, Birmingham, UK
HungaryGeorgy Gajduschek, Researcher, Hungarian Institute of Public Administration with
Jean-Jacques Dethier, Senior Economist, World Bank
NetherlandsB.J.S. Hoetjes, Professor and Senior Research Fellow, University of Maastricht and Netherlands Institute of International Relations, Clingendael
New ZealandGraham Scott, Principal, Graham Scott (NZ) Ltd. and Executive Chair, Southern Cross Int. Ltd.; and
Lynne McKenzie, MD, Southern Cross Int. Ltd.
PolandHelen Sutch, Sector Manager, World Bank;
Michal Dybula, Research Analyst, World Bank;
Ryszard Jerzy Petru, Consultant, World Bank,
Jacek Wojciechowicz, External Affairs Officer, World Bank; Marcin Przybyla, Research Analyst, World Bank
South KoreaHakyung Jeong, Director, Planning and Coordinating Unit in the Civil Service Commission of the Korean Government; Dae-Ki Kim, Senior Financial Economist EASFS, World Bank;
Kookhyun Kim, Director General, Ministry of Government Administration and Home Affairs; and
Jeff Rinne, Public Sector Group, World Bank
UK  Jeremy Cowper, Head, Modernizing Government Secretariat, Cabinet Office, United Kingdom Government
USAWilliam P. Shields, Jr., Program Associate, National Academy of Public Administration with
J. William Gadsby, Director, Management Studies Program, National Academy of Public Administration

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