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Rightsizing Public Administrations

This webpage is intended to be the first stop for Bank staff and other interested parties working on design and implementation of rightsizing public administration. It is organized around the perennial design challenges of rightsizing public organizations.

1. Big bang reductions vs. institutional reforms aimed at priority setting and management
2. Ensuring adequate planning of the reform effort
3. Addressing sources of resistance
4. Sequencing
5. Targeting reductions
6. Facilitating re-entry in labor force for retrenched workers
7. Striking a balance between making severance attractive and cost effective.

An annotated bibliography summarizes the literature on this subject. The Map of Rightsizing Literature lays out whether/how each of the seven design challenges has been referred or analyzed in the document.

This page provides links to tools to approach rightsizing, the Bank's framework for funding severance payments, and course material on rightsizing public organizations.

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