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The Many Faces of Corruption (Ext)

Big CoverThe Many Faces of Corruption: Tracking Vulnerabilities at the Sector Level

Edited by J. Edgardo Campos and Sanjay Pradhan

English Paperback 480 pages 7 x 10

Published April 2007, Washington, D.C. The World Bank

ISBN: 0-8213-6725-0

ISBN-13: 978-0-8213-6725-4

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Corruption... How can policymakers and practitioners better comprehend the many forms and shapes that this social pandemic takes? From the delivery of essential drugs, the reduction in teacher absenteeism, the containment of illegal logging, the construction of roads, the provision of water and electricity, the international trade in oil and gas, the conduct of public budgeting and procurement, and the management of public revenues, corruption shows its many faces. The Many Faces of Corruption attempts to bring greater clarity to the often murky manifestations of this virulent and debilitating social disease.

It explores the use of prototype road maps to identify corruption vulnerabilities, suggests corresponding "warning signals," and proposes operationally useful remedial measures in each of several selected sectors and for a selected sample of cross cutting public sector functions that are particularly prone to corruption and that are critical to sector performance. Numerous technical experts have come together in this effort to develop an operationally useful approach to diagnosing and tackling corruption. The Many Faces of Corruption is an invaluable reference for policymakers, practitioners, and researchers engaged in the business of development.

"As the title of this book reminds us, corruption has many faces: causes, dynamics, and consequences, all of which vary by sector and require precisely tailored countermeasures. The wrong reforms in the wrong place, or at the wrong time, may not only waste scarce opportunities and resources but in fact may do considerable harm. Demonstrating and tracking progress is equally complicated: country-level indices will not suffice, and more appropriate measures are needed to capture the realities of differing sectors and functions of government. This book offers an essential and accessible introduction to high-level knowledge and thinking about corruption issues, opening up a new debate and new lines of attack that will be important as anticorruption efforts move into their next phases."

Michael Johnston
Charles A. Dana Professor of Political Science, Colgate University

"Reducing corruption is a key to better services, justice, elections, regulation, and short, to better institutions in government, business, and civil society. This excellent book provides examples, taxonomies, and inspiration for all who want to do better."

Robert Klitgaard
President and University Professor, Claremont Graduate University

"The fight against corruption requires decisive action and shared commitment of governments, companies, development banks, and civil society. It is a difficult road that is often paved only as one goes. This book’s effort to understand corruption and its particular characteristics in different sectors is an important contribution to the fight against corruption and one that we hope will lead to increased impact."

Huguette Labelle
Chair, Transparency International

"This book is an eye opener. But it does more than expose; it shows the way forward. The Many Faces of Corruption provides a taxonomy of the malfeasance that takes place in various areas of public life, ranging from education to the regulation of natural resources to the management of public finance. Although much of the evidence is sordid and dreary, this book also describes successes that give us hope that the battle against corruption can be won."

Sheila S. Coronel
Director, Toni Stabile Center for Investigative Journalism, Graduate School of Journalism, Columbia University

"It has become self-evident that tackling corruption is central to the development agenda. Dealing with the issue of corruption from a sectoral perspective has enabled this book to offer very specific and innovative ideas on this important issue."

Robert R. Hunja
Interim Director-General, Public Procurement Oversight Authority, Kenya

"By equipping practitioners with a roadmap for tracking the vulnerabilities to corruption in various sectors, Campos and Pradhan have not only advanced research on the causes of corruption but have also provided policy makers with hope and a realistic strategy for minimizing corruption. This book should be required reading for policy makers, scholars, practitioners, students, and all those who are interested in making a difference in the difficult struggle against corruption around the world."

Jon Quah
Professor of Political Science, National University of Singapore
Author of Curbing Corruption in Asia: A Comparative Study of Six Countries

Table of Contents:

Danny Leipziger, Vice President, PREM, The World Bank

Preface (xv)
Randi Ryterman, Sector Manager, PREM Public Sector Governance, The World Bank

Introduction Tackling a Social Pandemic (1)
J. Edgardo Campos and Vinay Bhargava

Part I Combating Corruption: Sectoral Explorations

Corruption and Pharmaceuticals: Strengthening Good Governance to Improve Access (29)
Jillian Clare Cohen, Monique F. Mrazek, and Loraine Hawkins

Maximizing the Performance of Education Systems: The Case of Teacher Absenteeism (63)
Harry Anthony Patrinos and Ruth Kagia

Crime and Justice in the Garden of Eden: Improving Governance and Reducing Corruption in the Forestry Sector (89)
Nalin Kishor and Richard Damania

Corruption in the Electricity Sector: A Pervasive Scourge (115)
Mohinder Gulati and M. Y. Rao

Making Inroads on Corruption in the Transport Sector through Control and Prevention (159)
William D. O. Paterson and Pinki Chaudhuri

Corruption in the Petroleum Sector (191)
Charles McPherson and Stephen MacSearraigh

Tackling Corruption in the Water and Sanitation Sector in Africa: Starting the Dialogue (221)
Janelle Plummer and Piers Cross

Part II Corruption and the Public Financial Management System

Exploring Corruption in Public Financial Management (267)
William Dorotinsky and Shilpa Pradhan

The Expenditure Side

Corruption in Public Procurement: A Perennial Challenge (295)
Glenn T. Ware, Shaun Moss, J. Edgardo Campos, and Gregory P. Noone

The Revenue Side

Combating Corruption in Revenue Administration: An Overview (335)
Tuan Minh Le

Combating Corruption in Revenue Administration: The Case of VAT Refunds in Bolivia (339)
Juan Carlos Zuleta, Alberto Leyton, and Enrique Fanta Ivanovic

The Challenge of Combating Corruption in Customs Administrations (367)
Carlos Ferreira, Michael Engelschalk, and William Mayville

Part III Where Goes the Money?

Money Laundering and Corruption (389)
Michael Levi, Maria Dakolias, and Theodore S. Greenberg

Part IV The Challenges Ahead

Conclusion Where to Next? (429)
J. Edgardo Campos, Sanjay Pradhan, and Francesca Recanatini

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