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Actions to Strengthen the Tracking of Poverty-Reducing

Prepared by the Staffs of the IMF and the World Bank - March 22, 2002

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Executive Summary

I. Introduction

II. Objectives and Underlying Principles

III. Follow-Up Bank/Fund Missions to Finalize Assessments and Action Plans

IV. Assessments of Public Expenditure Management Systems

A. Benchmark Assessments
B. Availability of Data on Actual Spending

V. Actions Envisaged by Countries

A. Short-Term Measures to Strenghten Public-Expenditure Management
B. Medium- to Longer-Term Strategies

VI. Assistance Providers

A. Internationally Supported Programs
B. Bank-Supported Programs
C. Fund-Supported Programs
D. Assistance Gaps
E. Implications for Bank or Fund Assistance

VII. Next Steps

VIII. Risks


Table 1. Actions envisaged in the Short Term


Figure 1. Relative Need for Upgrading PEM System
Figure 2. Substantial Upgrading Needed to Meet Benchmarks


Box 1. Salient Features of the Assessment Approach
Box 2. World Bank/IMF Ongoing PEM Work


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