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World Water Forum 2012 Videos

World Bank Vice President for Sustainable Development Rachel Kyte; Director for Transport, Water, and Information and Communication Technologies Jose Luis Irigoyen; and Water and Sanitation Program Manager Jaehyang So spoke on panels and participated in debates at the 2012 World Water Forum, March 12-17. Following are video clips from some of those events. Videos include a mix of English and French.

Water Debate on Increasing Resilience to Climate Change

Rachel Kyte discusses multi-use infrastructure, building dams, and the World Bank's role.

High Level Panel on Water Financing

Rachel Kyte on multilateral organizations
and foundations. Kyte begins at 9:33.

Rachel Kyte on public-private partnerships.
Kyte begins at 6:32.

Conclusions from the panel discussion. Rachel Kyte begins at 6:01.

High Level Panel on Water and Disasters

Jose Luis Irigoyen discusses challenges and lessons for water and sanitation post-disasters.

High Level Panel on Water and Green Growth

Jaehyang So is among the participants in a panel discussion of water and green growth.

Visit the World Bank's Water website and Water blog for more information about the Bank's role in water and development.

Last updated: 2012-03-17

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