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Getting to Inclusive Green Growth

Over the past 20 years, economic growth has lifted more than 660 million people out of poverty and raised the income levels of millions more, but growth has often come at the expense of the environment.

A variety of market, policy and institutional failures mean that the Earth’s natural capital tends to be used in ways that are economically inefficient and wasteful, without sufficient reckoning of the true social costs of resource depletion, and without adequate reinvestment in other forms of wealth.

Moreover, despite the gains from growth, 1.3 billion people do not have access to electricity, 2.6 billion have no access to sanitation, and 900 million lack safe, clean drinking water.

Growth must be inclusive to be sustainable.

Growth also must be environmentally sound.

To get to sustainable development, we need well-designed, inclusive green growth policies that can improve social welfare for all, promote careful stewardship of natural resources, and respect the delicate balance of the planet we will leave to future generations. Read More ...

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Inclusive Green Growth in Practice

Rachel Kyte

"Inclusive green growth requires addressing policy and market failures, increasing efficiency and recognizing inefficiency in the current growth patterns we are experiencing. It means finding creative strategies that work for each country and helping policy makers answer the Monday morning question: What do I do differently?" -Rachel Kyte, World Bank

Green Growth Knowledge Platform

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Policies Tailored to Real-World Challenges

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