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Earth Observation for Development


Image of the SMOS (Soil Moisture and Ocean Salinity) satellite orbiting the Earth (c) ESASatellite Earth Observation (EO) is increasingly used in sustainable development work. The World Bank has harnessed a number of partnerships with specialized organizations in the public and private sectors to bring the benefits of Earth Observation—or remote sensing— to Bank operations.
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EO for Green Growth 

A summary of the main European EO-based capabilities: what kinds of information content is available, what are the accuracies, benefits and costs and how this information could be used within operational development projects.

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ESA-World Bank Second Call for Proposals

In July 2013 European Space Agency and the World Bank have entered into the second phase of collaboration. Within this framework ESA will extend its capacity (financing and technical supervision) to produce and deliver EO information services to support World Bank projects.

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AGBigio Featured

Watch the interview with Anthony Bigio   

When the World Bank first teamed up with the European Space Agency to use earth observation satellites to look at the impact of climate change and natural disasters on land in the North Africa coastal cities of Tunis and Alexandria, UDR’s Anthony Bigio had an “aha” moment of discovery.

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IFCSustainability Exchange

Innovative tools for the private sector

In an increasingly uncertain world, one thing is for sure: companies must adapt and evolve to stay successful and thrive. IFC Sustainability Summit brought together private companies to discuss pressing sustainability issues, including how Earth Observation can help address them.

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Oil spill detection

Nature Valued From Space

Satellites show how we can promote economic development in environmentally sustainable manner by putting a price on nature's resources.



Earth Observation Partnership Report

NEW! ESA-World Bank Second Call for Proposals has been launched

NEW! EO for Green Growth

NEW! ESA-World Bank Partnership Report (2008-2013)

Featured Story: Geospatial Information at the Bank


Earth Observation and Disaster Risk

Earth Observation was one of the topics discussed in Cape Town on 2-6 July at the Understanding Risk (UR2012) Forum “Mapping Global Risk” organized by World Bank’s Global Facility for Disaster Risk and Recovery.

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SDN Week

Earth Observation for Development at the Sustainable Development Week

The World Bank and European Space Agency held a joint session to review the strategic directions of the current and future World Bank approach toward the coordinated use of EO information technology and applications for development projects.

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ESA globes (c) ESA

Making Progress in Collaboration with European Space Agency

The collaboration began in 2008 with initial EO demonstrations for three Bank projects. Based on these results, more extensive pilot demonstrations for a wider range of Bank activities were conducted between 2010 and 2012.

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Lake Titicaca

Satellites for Better Water and Environment Management

Experts from the World Bank, NASA, USGS, USDA, NOAA, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, and major U.S. research institutes conducted a day-long training session hosted by the World Bank and U.S. government agencies involved in the use of remote sensing.

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Guarding Marine and Coastal Ecosystems with Near Real-time Satellite Monitoring

The Global Environment Fund's "Western Indian Ocean Marine Highway Development and Coastal and Marine Contamination Prevention Project" aims to protect the regions' environment and rich biodiversity from damage due to accidental spills and illegal discharges from ships.

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US-WB collaboration
US-WB collaboration

Winston Yu on mapping of coastal change in Bangladesh

Flood maps in the Mekong River basin

Rio de Janeiro Flood Risk

Merapi Vulcano lahar (mudflow) simulation


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