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Tools and Methods

A range of tools and methods for social analysis have been developed by the World Bank and others. This section provides an introduction to some of the main social analysis tools as well as additional related resources.

  Introduction to Social Analysis Tools
ArrowAnalytical and Consultation Tools
ArrowParticipatory Methods
ArrowQualitative Research
Quantitative Research
Tools for Institutional, Political and Social Analysis (TIPS)
ArrowWorkshop-based Methods; Objectives Oriented Project Planning
  Additional Resources
ArrowEconomic and Social Tools for PSIA -Annex to PSIA User’s Guide (pdf 201kb)
ArrowIntegrating Qualitative and Quantitative Approaches to Program Evaluation(pdf - 97kb) from The Impact of Economic Policies on Poverty and Income Distribution : Evaluation Techniques and Tools 
ArrowLiving standards measurement study web site
Measuring Social Capital: An Integrated Questionnaire 
Methods and Tools – Appendix 1 in the World Bank Participation Sourcebook (pdf - 155kb)
Social Analysis – Selected Tools and Techniques (pdf - 597kb)
Participation and Social Assessment – Tools and Techniques



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