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Social Analysis at the World Bank

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First Inter-Ministerial Summit on Social Development in the Americas - Reñaca, Chile, July 8-10, 2008

The Organization of American States' first Summit of Ministers and High-level Authorities in Social Development took place in Reñaca, Chile on July 8-10, 2008. The four key themes of the Summit were:

  • improving the ability of social policy institutions to lead governments' efforts against poverty and inequality;
  • Inter-American cooperation as a tool for promoting effective social protection strategies;
  • multisectoral approaches to address the two main components of exclusion: hunger and unemployment; and
  • moving forward with social development activities in the Inter-American system Click for more 
  Why social analysis...
High quality social analysis is essential to fulfilling the Bank’s mandate for effective poverty reduction. At the global level it underpins our understanding of processes of social and political change which cross borders, including migration, conflict and the social impacts of climate change. At the national level it is necessary to understand the context in the countries where we work in order to identify the key socio-political barriers to sustainable poverty reduction. At the local level it is necessary to ensure that poor people benefit as much as possible from our projects and policies.
ArrowCountry Social Analysis (CSA)– political and social analysis on the country-level
ArrowPoverty and Social Impact Analysis (PSIA)  – evaluating poverty and social impacts of reforms and development assistance programs
ArrowPolitical economy of reforms – cutting edge work on managing the political economy of reform processes
ArrowSector and theme-specific guidance – for social analysis
ArrowSocial Analysis Sourcebook – incorporating social dimensions into Bank supported projects
ArrowA Rights-Based Approach to Social Policy –  implies the introduction of a set of institutions and policies within a society that secure every member’s reasonable access to a social minimum.











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