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Sector and theme-specific guidance



The World Bank's Social Development Department has developed a series of guidance notes on social analysis and poverty and social impact analysis (PSIA).

   Social Analysis Guidance Note Series  

Sector and thematic guidance notes for social analysis have been developed for key areas of Bank intervention to ensure that advice related to social development issues is relevant and timely, addresses the key social concerns and opportunities in particular sectors, and is well integrated into the project cycle at all stages. 

Sector-Specific Guidance Notes Theme-Specific Guidance Notes
ArrowNatural Resource Management (pdf 1.5MB)Arrow



Transport (pdf - 938kb)





Additionally, a series of Good Practice Notes have been published, including most recently for the Bolivia Rural Alliances Project (pdf - 996kb) and the Jharkhand Participatory Forestry Management Project

   Sector Guidance for Poverty and Social Impact Analysis (PSIA)


Stakeholders, Power Relations, and Policy Dialogue: Social Analysis in Agriculture PSIA


As a complement to the resources available on the general approach to PSIA, the Social Analysis

Team has published a report on conducting social analysis for PSIA in the Agriculture Sector.


ArrowStakeholders, Power Relations, and Policy Dialogue: Social Analysis in Agriculture PSIA

Analyzing the Distributional Impact of Reforms

In collaboration with the World Bank’s PREM Poverty Group, the Social Development Department has developed sector specific guidance notes to provide an overview of the specific issues arising in the analysis of the poverty and social impacts of selected categories of policy and institutional reforms. Each note offers guidance on the selection of tools and techniques most adapted to the reforms under scrutiny, and offers examples of applications of these approaches. The notes have been published in two volumes.


Volume I Volume II
ArrowAgricultural Market Reforms (pdf - 343kb)Arrow

Pension System Reforms   (pdf - 151kb)


Education Policy Reforms (pdf - 208kb)


Health Sector Reforms (pdf - 248kb)


Land Policy Reforms (pdf - 264kb)


Selected Labor Market Reforms  (pdf - 279kb)


Monetary and Exchange Rate Policy Reforms (pdf - 204kb)


Public Sector Downsizing (pdf - 151kb)


Trade Policy Reforms (pdf - 213kb)


Indirect Tax and Public Pricing Reforms (pdf - 205kb)

ArrowUtility Reforms (pdf - 349kb)Arrow

Decentralization Reforms (pdf - kb)

 ArrowThe modeling of macroeconomic shocks and policies (pdf - 262kb)

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