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ArrowProviding for the People: Policy Note on Utility Service Reform in Mauritania's Mining Corridor: A Poverty Social Impact Analysis (1.2 MB PDF)
ArrowSocial Analysis in the Urban Sector: A Guidance Note, June 2008
ArrowPSIA Sourcebook - Tools for Institutional, Political and Social Analysis (TIPS), April 2007 
ArrowUnderstanding Socio-economic and Political Factors to Impact Policy Change, November 2006
ArrowSector Guidance Note Series - Youth Responsive Social Analysis: A Guidance Note, November 2006
ArrowStakeholders, Power Relations and Policy Dialogue: Social Analysis in Agriculture Sector Poverty and Social Impact Analysis, November 2006
ArrowMaking Country Social Analysis Work for Policy Dialogue: Conference Proceedings, May 2006 (1.2 MB PDF)
ArrowSector Guidance Note Series - Social Analysis in Transport Projects, May 2006 (938 MB PDF)
ArrowSocial Resilience and State Fragility in Haiti: A Country Social Analysis, April 2006 (1.4 MB PDF)
ArrowLocal Government Taxation Reform in Tanzania: A Poverty and Social Impact Analysis (PSIA), December 2005
ArrowGood Practice Note - Bolivia Rural Alliances Project, August 2005 (996 KB PDF)

Sector Guidance Note Series - Gender Responsive Social Analysis, June 2005


Poverty and Social Impact Analysis of Mining Sector Reform in Romania: A Policy Note, June 2005

ArrowSector Guidance Note Series - Social Analysis Guidelines in Natural Resource Management, June 2005 (1.5 MB PDF)
Arrow  Good Practice Note - Jharkhand Participatory Forestry Management, April 2005(6.5 MB PDF)
ArrowSocial Analysis Sourcebook, December 2003
ArrowUser's Guide to Poverty and Social Impact Analysis, 2003
Additional publications on Social Analysis:
ArrowSocial Development Notes  
ArrowSocial Development Papers 

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