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Social Development Papers

Below you will find a complete list of all Social Development Papers.


Local Institutions and Climate Change Adaptation(2.4 MB PDF) Social Dimensions of Climate Chance
Electoral Institutions and Local Government Accountability:A Literature Review (4.7MB PDF) Local Governance

Cross-Cutting Literature Review on the Drivers of Local Council Accountability and Performance  (4.9 MB PDF) Local Governance

Local Government Discretion and Accountability: A Diagnostic Framework for Local Governance (4.5 MB PDF) Local Governance

Measuring the Costs and Benefits of Community Driven Development: The KALAHI-CIDSS Project, Philippines (453 KB PDF)Community Development

Bottom’s up: To the role of Panchayati Raj Institutions in Health and Health services(487KB PDF) Health

Do Traditional Axes of Exclusion Affect Labor Market Outcomes in India?, Social Developement Paper No. 97, June 2006(585KB PDF) Exclusion

Making Primary Education Work for India’s Rural Poor, Social Developement Paper No. 95, June 2006 (881KB PDF) Education

African Involuntary Population Resettlement in a Global Context, Social Developement Paper No. 18, February 1997Resettlement

Central America: Education Reform in a Post-Conflict Setting, Opportunities and Challenges, CPR Working Paper No. 4, April 2003(110KB PDF) Education Reform

Children, Education, and War. Reaching Education For All; CPRWorking Paper No. 1, June 2002Education

Community-driven Reconstruction as an Instrument in War-to-Peace Transitions, CPR Working Paper No. 7, August 2003(92KB PDF) Community Development

Designing Community Based Development, Social Development Paper No. 7, June 03, 1995(177KB PDF) Community Development

Do Participatory Development Projects Help Villagers Manage Local Conflicts?, CPR Working Paper No. 9, October 2003 (1,647KB PDF) Post-Conflict

Financing and Aid Arrangements in Post-Conflict Situations, CPR Working Paper No. 6, Social Development paper No. 43, June 2003 (210KB PDF) Post-Conflict

Humanitarian Assistance, Reconstruction and Development in Afghanistan: A Practitioners' View'; South Asia Region; CPR Working Paper 3, March 2003 (55KB PDF) Humanitarian Assistance

Hydropower Dams and Social Impacts: A Sociological Perspective, Social Development Paper No. 16, February 1997Hydropower Dams

Landmine Clearance Projects: Task Manager's Guide; CPR Working Paper No. 10/Social Development Paper No. 46, November 2003 (110KB PDF) Land Mines

Learning from the Poor: A Participatory Poverty Assessment in Kenya, Social Development Paper No. 14, May 1996Social Protection

NGO Involvement in World Bank-Financed Social Funds: Lessons Learned, Social Development Paper No. 21, May 1997, May 1997 (299KB PDF) Social Protection

Nurturing Civil Society at the World Bank: An Assessment of Staff Attitudes toward Civil Society, Social Development Paper No. 24, September 1998 (287KB PDF) Civil Society

Participation in Country Economic and Sector Work, Social Development Paper No. 6, June 1995Country Economic and Sector Work

Participation in Education, Social Development Paper No. 1, February 1995Education

Participation in Forest Management and Conservation, Social Development Paper No. 19, April 1997 (174KB PDF)Forest Management and Conservation

Participation in Irrigation, Social Development Paper No. 3, February 1995 (422KB PDF) Irrigation

Participation in Social Funds, Social Development Paper No. 4, April 1995Social Funds

Participation in the Himalayan Foothills: Lessons from Watershed Development in India, Social Development Paper No. 38, 2000(163KB PDF) Watershed Development

Participation in Water and Sanitation, Social Development Paper No. 2, February 1995Water and Sanitation

Participatory Country Assistance Strategy in Colombia: A Case Study, Social Development Paper No. 33, October 1999(1,042KB PDF) Country Assistance Strategy

Resettlement and Development: Bankwide Review of Projects Involving Involuntary Resettlement 1986-1993, Environment Department, Social Developmetn Paper No. 13, March 1996Involuntary Resetlement

SDP Number 05 - Azerbaijan: Baku Water Supply Rehabilitation Project (Social Assessment Series Paper No. 17), May 1995Water Supply Rehabilitation

SDP Number 10 - Beneficiary Assessment: An Approach Described, July 1995 (68KB PDF) Beneficiary Assessment

SDP Number 15 - Social Assessment in World Bank and GEF-Funded Biodiversity Conservation Projects: Case Studies from India, Ecuador, and Ghana, 1997Biodiversity Conservation

SDP Number 23 - Toward a Listening Bank: A Review of Best Practices and the Efficacy of Beneficiary Assessment, September 1998 (188KB PDF) Beneficiary Assessment

SDP Number 30 - The Social Assessment Process in Post-Conflict Reconstruction in Azerbaijan: A User's Perspective, April 1999 (819KB PDF) Social Assessment

SDP Number 31 - BPXC's Operations in Casanare, Colombia: Factoring Social Concerns into Development Decisionmaking, April 1999(439KB PDF) Environmental and Social Assessments

SDP Number 32 - Social Assessment of the Azerbaijan National Environment Action Plan: A Focus on Community Responses to the Caspian Sea Environmental Disaster, July 1999(966KB PDF) Social Assessment

SDP Number 34 - Social Assessment for the Turkey Forest Sector Review, November 1999(418KB PDF) Social Assessment, Forestry

SDP Number 35 - Interest Groups and Organizations as Stakeholders, June 2001 (230KB PDF) Stakeholders

SDP Number 36 - Social Analysis: Selected Tools and Techniques, June 2001 (612KB PDF) Social Analysis

SDP Number 37 - Inclusion and Local Elected Governments: The Panchayat Rai System in India, December 2000(1,103KB PDF) Inclusion

SDP Number 41s - Argentina: Préstamo de Ajuste para la Provincia de Santa Fé - Evaluación Social de Impacto y Programa de Mitigación, June 2003 (2,330KB PDF) Mitigation

SDP Number 42 - Mine Closure and it's Impact on the Community: Five Years after Mine Closure in Romania, Russia and Ukraine, June 2003 (2,430KB PDF) Mining

SDP Number 43 - Multisectoral HIV/AIDS Projects in Africa: A Social Analysis Perspective, June 2003 (2,319KB PDF) HIV/AIDs

Social Development and Results on the Ground: Task Group Report, prepared by the Social Development Task Group, Social Development Paper No. 22, May 01, 1996 (184KB PDF)

Social Development Update: Making Development More Inclusive and Effective, Social Development Paper No. 27, May 28, 1998(185KB PDF) Inclusion

Social Dimensions of Economic Development, Social Development Paper No. 17, February 1997Economic Development

The East Timor Reconstruction Program: Successes, Problems and Tradeoffs, CPR Working Paper No. 2, November 2002

Towards STD/AIDs Awareness and Prevention in Plateau State, Nigeria: Findings from a Participatory Rural Appraisal, Social Development Paper No. 20, April 1997 (470KB PDF) AIDS

Using Case Studies to Expand the Theory of Civil War, CPR Working Paper No. 5, May 2003 (452KB PDF) Conflict Prevention

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