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SDV/DEC Social Science and Policy Seminar Series (FY10)


The Social Development Department (SDV) and the Development Research Group (DECRG) have joined hands to organize a new bi-weekly seminar series.  The aim of this series is to supplement the many research seminars in economics at the Bank by featuring the best scholarly work in the non-economic social sciences -- critical, empirically engaged research in anthropology, sociology, philosophy and political science that has implications for development thought and policy.


If you would like to be included in periodic announcements for this seminar series please send an email to Paulina Maribel Flewitt (


Featured Speakers in FY10


January 28, 2010:

Professor Robert E. Goodin, Institute of Advanced Studies, Australian National University

"On Discretionary Time and Temporal Justice"

Discussant: Francisco H. G. Ferreira, LCRCE
Venue:  MC4-100


February 25, 2010:

Professor Jack Goldstone, George Mason University

"Democracy and Developed Revisited"

Discussant: TBD
Venue: MC4-100


March 25, 2010:

Roger Kasperson, Clark University

"Closing the Gap between Science and Decision Making in Global Environmental Change". Discussant: TBD
Venue: TBD


April 22, 2010:

Dietrich  Rueschemeyer, Brown University

"Building Effective States: Social Theory, Local Assessments, and Policy Making"

Discussant: TBD
Venue: MC9-401


May 13, 2010:

Michelle Lamont and Peter Hall, Harvard University

"Successful Societies"

Discussant: TBD
Venue: MC4-100


June 17, 2010:

Robert Keohane, Princeton University

"The Regime Complex for Climate Change"

Discussant: Marianne Fay, SDV.
Venue: MC10-100


Featured Speakers in FY09 




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