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Workshop: Mobilizing Rural Institutions for Sustainable Livelihood and Equitable Development


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 Introduction by Kathy Sierra, VP SDN, Opening Remarks by Jiayi Zou ED, and Steen Jorgensen, SDV
 Steve Mc Carthy
 Parmesh Shah and Jaiyi Zou
 Jonathan Kydd
 Arun Agrawal
 Discussion (Morning Session)
 Nicolas Perrin
 R. Rajalahti and R. Birner
 Case Studies

The Social Development Department (SDV) and Agriculture and Rural Development Department (ARD) are organizing this joint workshop on the potential of rural institutions to increase access of the rural poor to public and private services. This event will bring together World Bank, CGIAR centers, academics and practitioners in the field of mobilizing rural institutions for sustainable livelihoods and equitable development. The purpose will be to discuss ongoing support to rural institutions, present the latest research and initiatives in the field, identify gaps in the existing research agenda and propose ways to strengthen linkages between research on rural institutions and development operations.
(All workshop files available on this page are in PDF format)

Morning Session:
Panel discussion on how to mobilize rural institutions for sustainable livelihoods?

Afternoon Session:  top
Presentation of the TFESSD activities on Rural Institutions.

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Rural Producer Organizations

Collective Action & Rural Institutions

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