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Who Can Enter the Contest?
EVERYONE who is interested in social, humanitarian and environmental issues and is capable of producing a 2-5 minute digital film may enter the contest.  However, employees of the World Bank Group and their immediate families (spouse, parent, sibling, child, and respective spouses) and those living in their immediate households, whether or not related, of the World Bank Group are not eligible to enter the competition or win awards.

Film Theme and Categories:
We want you to submit 2-5 minute documentary films highlighting the social consequences of climate change in the following categories:

  • Conflict: As climate change results in scarcity of resources and economic and, in many cases, political instability, how may it lead to social unrest and armed conflict?
  • Migration: Are there any links between climate change and population migration?
  • Social Policy: How do governments prepare effective social policy to meet climate change challenges?
  • Drylands: What is the social response in drylands related to climate change?
  • Urban Space: How do climate change adaptation measures take into account the needs of the poor in the urban environment?
  • Rural Institutions: How do local level institutions in agrarian societies build capacity to handle risks associated to climate change and deliver solutions?
  • Indigenous Peoples: How are Indigenous Peoples responding and adapting to the impacts of climate change?
  • Gender: Are there different implications of climate change for men and women, boys and girls?  How or where can instances of this be seen?
  • Governance: How can social accountability be promoted in climate action?
  • Forests: What are the threats and opportunities for local communities in efforts to reduce emissions from deforestation and degradation?
  • Human Rights: What are the human rights implications of climate change?

Award Categories:
There are two award categories: 1) Social Dimensions of Climate Change Award (general category) and 2) Young Voices of Climate Change Award (youth category).  The general category is open to everyone; the youth category is open to entries submitted by filmmakers who are under 24 years old. 

The general public will be able to vote for their favorite films.  The 15 entries submitted to the general category which receive the most votes from the public and the top 5 films submitted to the youth category which receive the most votes from the general public will be shortlisted and presented to the judges (Meet the Judges) for their final selection. 

Please read details on the Judging Process to find out more about how winning films will be selected.

Key Rules and Guidelines:

  1. The film must be a minimum of two minutes and a maximum length of five minutes.
  2. All entries must be submitted by 11:59pm (US ET) on Friday, October 24, 2008.
  3. Films in all languages are accepted for the Contest. However, Entrants are strongly encouraged to include subtitles and a full length script in English, in order to facilitate public outreach and the contest process.
  4. By entering, contestants agree to give permission to the Social Development Department of the World Bank to screen their films at events and on its website during and the following the contest period.
  5. No unlicensed use of copyrighted material.
  6. No rude, unlawful, discriminatory, and sexually explicit material.
  7. No promotion of products or services.
  8. All films can be entered, regardless of previous screenings and awards, and you can submit more than one film.
  9. Questions? Send an email to:

View our Rules and Guidelines in full (PDF).

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