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  Badawi, Zeinab, World News Today presenter, BBC World and BBC Four


Zeinab Badawi is the presenter of World News Today, one of BBC World's hour-long news and analysis programmes.

Also available on BBC Four, World News Today showcases the best of the BBC's international journalism.

The programme features reports and discussions with leading BBC correspondents and interviews and debates with people who are making the news around the globe.

Previously a presenter of BBC World's The World, Zeinab has worked in British broadcasting for two decades.

She has worked on a range of programmes, reporting from Europe, Asia and Africa, where she covered the famine in the mid-Eighties.

After a stint reporting and presenting programmes on British politics live from the BBC's Westminster studios, Zeinab joined BBC World where she has become a regular face, presenting debates on major issues as well as being a presenter of HARDtalk, interviewing personalities such as the Dalai Lama and US General Tommy Franks.

Zeinab has also worked in radio, regularly presenting The World Tonight on BBC Radio 4 and Newshour on BBC World Service.

She is an Oxford graduate in politics and economics, with a post-graduate degree in Middle Eastern affairs from London University.

Zeinab has great authority in front of the camera, enabling her to draw on her dedication and understanding of international affairs to explain the issues behind the headlines.

Hoggard, Steven, Founder and CEO of Hoggard Films

SteveSteven Hoggard is founder and CEO of Hoggard Films; an award-winning television and documentary production company based, for the past 20 years, in the Washington, DC metropolitan area.


Established in 1995, Hoggard Films is dedicated to the craft of storytelling: of discovering unforgettable stories about real people and real events and weaving visual and narrative in a way that entertains, educates, inspires – and challenges assumption.   At Hoggard Films, we believe in the power of narrative and in film's unmatched capacity to connect with and motivate an audience.


Since opening shop, Hoggard has created and produced more than 90 hours of prime time fare, including numerous one-ups and six major non-fiction series.


Clients include: National Geographic Channel-US, National Geographic Channel-International, PBS, Discovery Channel, Discovery Health Channel, Discovery Science, and the American Cancer Society.


Past productions have earned numerous awards, including a National Emmy Award, five Cine Golden Eagles, a Telly Award, a Global Health Award, and recognition at various film festivals in Europe and the USA.


Prior to establishing his own production company, Hoggard was a field producer for ABC Network News, with subsequent stints on staff at Gannett and USA Today.


Steve and Daphna’s television and documentary work has spanned five continents and 30 nations. Some of the stories they have covered include: the Srebrenica Massacre and subsequent war crimes investigation in Bosnia, Sri Lankan Rebel suicide bombers, trekking to find a so called ‘lost tribe’ of the Amazon, the Palestinian Intifada, the archeological secrets of the Oracle at Delphi, the attempts to control the Mississippi around New Orleans, the science behind Lenin’s Tomb, the Persian Gulf War, the search to identify the virus that caused the 1918 flu pandemic and the war in Afghanistan, where Steve and cameraman Ryan Hill were wounded in an IED explosion and Taliban attack on a US Special Forces team in Uruzgan Province.


Airlifted to Germany, the two recovered from their wounds.


Most recently, Steve and Daphna have written and directed three upcoming National Geographic specials including a piece on LA teen gang-bangers; a profile of a New Orleans High School and the Inupiaq bowhead whale hunt in the Arctic.


Before entering the world of film and video, Hoggard worked for a non-profit, civics education group based in Alexandria, Virginia. Steve has a B.A. in International Relations from Tulane University in New Orleans. He also attended the Goethe Institute Young Professional Program, Berlin during the year of German reunification.


His Excellency Dr. Shaheed, Ahmed,Minister of Foreign Affairs, The Republic of Maldives


dr_shaheed Since joining the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 1982, His Excellency Dr. Ahmed Shaheed has risen through the Foreign Service ranks; heading a number of departments including the Bilateral Relations Division, the SAARC Division, and the Multilateral Affairs Department. From 1999 to 2004, he held the position of Permanent Secretary. After leaving the Ministry in 2004 to become the Maldives’ first Chief Government Spokesperson at the President’s Office (at the rank of Deputy Minister), Shaheed returned in July 2005 when he was appointed Minister of Foreign Affairs, a post he held until he resigned in August 2007.

Throughout his time at the Ministry and as Chief Government Spokesperson, Shaheed has been a visionary leader who foresaw a new modern country founded upon liberal democratic principles, strong human rights protection, and openness and engagement with the outside world. Shaheed’s beliefs led him to become one of the principle architects of the Maldives’ Democratic and Human Rights Reform Agenda, which culminated in late 2008 with the country’s smooth democratic transition under a new 21st Century Constitution.

A strong proponent of robust democratic and human rights safeguards, Minister Shaheed was instrumental in transforming the previous Government’s stand on human rights by securing political approval for the creation of a national Human Rights Commission in August 2003 and accession to the UN Convention against Torture in April 2004. In his role as the Chief Government Spokesperson, he also succeeded in reversing the decision of the Government’s Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs to ban the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in July 2005. Later in 2005, Shaheed was co-founder of the New Maldives faction within the Cabinet which worked to promote democracy, good governance and human rights within the Government.

Muwonge, Joe, Associate Director, International Policy and Advocacy, World Vision International

Joe_MuwongeJoe Muwonge is an employee of World Vision International, where he is part of the Global Center team serving in the role of Associate Director - Africa and the Environment, including climate change; and as part of the International Policy and Advocacy Department.  Joe Muwonge has been with World Vision International for nearly two decades and has served in a variety of roles at both country and global center level; including as a land use and community development analyst for the Africa Region, global relations officer managing World Vision's relationships with international and multilateral agencies;  and then as a senior international programs officer with coverage over Southern and Eastern Africa.

Joe is a skilled networker, researcher, and writer, and serves on the editorial board of Global Future - World Vision's Journal of Human Development. He undertakes advocacy at national and international levels, and engages in campaigns to ensure that both children and the vulnerable are considered in the global response to natural and man-made humanitarian crises. Prior to joining World Vision, Joe Muwonge taught Geography at Makerere University, Kenyatta University College and then North Carolina Central University.  Joe is a geographer, and a graduate of Makerere University (BA) and the University of California, Los Angeles (MA, Ph.D).



 Rahman, Atiq, Executive Director of Bangladesh Centre for Advanced Studies (BCAS)

AtiqA. Atiq Rahman, MSc, PhD, MRSC, C.Chem. FGS is the Executive Director of Bangladesh Centre for Advanced Studies (BCAS) and the Visiting Professor of International Diplomacy and Sustainable Development at Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, Tufts University, Boston. He also coordinates Global Forum on Environment and Poverty (GFEP). Further Dr. Rahman is the Chairman of Climate Action Network South Asia (CANSA). He was elected Chairperson of the Coalition of Environmental NGOs in Bangladesh and continues to represent this vibrant community as its principal decision maker. He is presently the Chairman of Steering Committee of Asia-Pacific National Councils for Sustainable Development (APNCSD). He is also the Bangladesh Focal Point of South Asian Poverty Commission follow up actions. He has designed, developed and taught (1999 and 2000) multi-disciplinary postgraduate course on “Sustainable Development Challenges and North South Dialogue” at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Department of Urban Studies and Planning, Cambridge, USA. He is also a Reviewer of the World Energy Assessment (1999), UNDP and UNEP and a lead author of the South Asian intergovernmental policy paper for World Summit on Sustainable Development and Inter-governmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).
He is also the member of International Advisory Committee of the Secretary General of the World Conservation Union (IUCN) on Sustainable Development and was elected Vice Chairman of working group on Environment, Trade and Investment (GETI) of the IUCN Commission on Environmental, Economic & Social Policy (CEESP). It is an outcome of World Summit on Sustainable Development (WSSD) 2002.

He was a lead author of the IPCC Fourth Assessment Report, which received Nobel Peace Prize and the Award has been endorsed by the IPCC to lead authors to share the magnitude of the award with them.

Dr. Atiq Rahman has been awarded the “Champion of the Earth 2008” by United Nations Environment Programme, which is the highest level of award of UN system. This award recognizes "the extraordinary leadership and his contribution to environmental issues, sustainable development and climate change.

He is also the recipient of ‘Environment Award 2008’ of the Peoples Republic of Bangladesh for his research work and scientific innovation.



 Raghavan, Ramya, Nonprofits and Activism Manager, YouTube
  RamyaRamya Raghavan is the Nonprofits and Activism Manager at YouTube. She manages the YouTube Nonprofit Program (launched at the Clinton Global Initiative in Fall 08), AgentChange (YouTube's nonprofits video blog), and nonprofit and activism video content on the site.  Prior to joining YouTube, Ramya organized video campaigns for Campus Progress, a DC-based nonprofit organization. 
 Taillant, Jorge Daniel, Executive Director, Center for Human Rights and Environment of Argentina (CEDHA)

daniel-bwJorge Daniel Taillant is a graduate of the University of California Berkeley where he studied political science, and holds a Masters degree from Georgetown University in Latin American Studies. He also studied political science at the Institute d'Études Politques in France, and economics at the United Nation's CEPAL in Chile. Mr. Taillant has focused his work on development economics, serving at the local and international levels.

He has worked with numerous national and international organizations, including the United Nations, OAS, World Bank, and the European Community. Beginning his career focused on macro-economic analysis, he later concentrated on researching the impacts of decentralization and democratization on local public sector management and capacity, reviewing experiences in direct municipal and provincial lending and developing strategic guidelines a global urban agenda.

Mr. Taillant served in a European Union-financed rural micro finance and village banking operation based on the Grameen Bank model and closely assisted an access to justice program strengthening human rights accountability and procedure. Further to his local agenda, Mr. Taillant has focused on developing participatory mechanisms and local planning tools for municipalities.

At CEDHA Mr. Taillant is responsible for overall institutional programming, strategy and direction. He also heads work on International Financial Institutions, Human Rights and Business, and Climate Change.

He has published numerous works on human rights and environment linkages, including recently, on the implications of human rights on corporate behavior, civil society advocacy on human rights and business, as well as papers on human rights and sustainable development and on corporate accountability in the Americas.

He is currently President of the Center for Human Rights and Environment in Argentina.


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