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Migration & Resettlement

Migration & Resettlement


Comparative Analysis of Country Case Studies

Based on comparative analysis of country case studies in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia and Guatemala, the study identifies the main lessons learned in the design and successful implementation of resettlement programs for disaster prevention and develops a toolkit for planning and implementing resettlement programs.

Migration and Global Environmental Change

The World Bank's Social Development Department was part of the high-level stakeholder group for a UK Government Foresight Project on Migration and Global Environmental Change. The study set out to understand the interaction between migration and global environmental change out until 2060 - to help those who move, those in host areas, and those who stay behind; and the policy implications. Launched in the UK on October 20, 2011, the report assembles and analyzes the latest evidence and research on these two interconnected global processes to fill a gap in current knowledge. Based on robust evidence, expert steering and innovative methods, the report provides a concrete platform for understanding policy implications and responses.

The World Bank Group's Social Resilience & Climate Change Practice Group contributes to the Bank's mission to fight poverty by helping to realize climate-smart policies and operations in client countries that advance the interests of those who are most vulnerable to the effects of climate change.

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