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Pro-Poor Urban Adaptation

Pro-Poor Urban Adaptation



A study on pro-poor urban adaptation in low and middle-income countries addressed this challenge by supporting urban local authorities in developing pro-poor adaptation strategies. Fieldwork was conducted in Central America and East Africa.

Pro-Poor Adaptation to Climate Change in Urban Centers

Poor urban populations in Southern cities are already experiencing the negative impacts of changing weather patterns associated with climate change and climate variability, and future projections suggest that these impacts will get worse. While extreme weather disasters often receive research, media and policy-focused attention, to date there is insufficient evidence base to show that the less dramatic, slow, incremental and often unnoticed, impacts of increasingly severe weather are equally important in terms of their cumulative impact on human wellbeing.

The World Bank Group's Social Resilience & Climate Change Practice Group contributes to the Bank's mission to fight poverty by helping to realize climate-smart policies and operations in client countries that advance the interests of those who are most vulnerable to the effects of climate change.

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