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Meet the Team: Social Resilience & Climate Change

Robin Mearns (Lead Social Development Specialist)

Robin Mearns leads the Social Resilience & Climate Change Practice Group.
He is a geographer with multi-regional research, policy, and operational experience in community-based risk and natural resource management, community driven development, and sustainable land management. He coordinates work across the World Bank on the Social Resilience & Climate Change.

Margaret Arnold (Senior Social Development Specialist)

Margaret Arnold is a Senior Social Development Specialist in the Social Resilience & Climate Change cluster. She joined the World Bank in 1995, and was part of a two-person team that established the Bank's Hazard Risk Management Team in 1998 (formerly called the Disaster Management Facility). She is also a co-founder of the ProVention Consortium, and served for 2 ½ years as its Head of Secretariat, seconded to the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies.

Gernot Brodnig (Senior Social Development Specialist)

Gernot is the focal point for forest carbon/REDD in the team and also works on the role of land tenure and carbon rights in climate change adaptation and mitigation. His professional background is in natural resource management, with an emphasis on institutional and governance analysis.

Alejandro De la Fuente (Social Development Specialist)

A development micro-economist with interest and experience in assessing the impact of risk and shocks on poverty; and the impact of public interventions as well as household/community responses to address risk and vulnerability, with a focus on social protection. Previous experience includes working for international development organizations (UNDP-HDRO, UNISDR, World Bank-PREM and IADB), and various positions at the Ministry of Social Development and the Office of the President in Mexico.





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