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Launch of Societal Dynamics and Fragility

Drawing on case studies from Yemen, Liberia, Haiti, Central African Republic and Aceh, the report frames fragility as a problem not only of state capacity, but also of relationships in society.

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World Bank Committed to Crime Prevention in Mexico

World Bank Committed to Crime Prevention in Mexico

There is a distinction between the violence generated by organized crime activities and the activities generated by urban crime and violence.

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Making Societies More Resilient to Violence

Social cohesion is fundamental for societies to progress toward development goals. Yet many societies are plagued by chronic violence that destroys the social fabric. The Social Cohesion and Violence Prevention cluster in the Social Development Department seeks to gather and disseminate knowledge as well as develop new ideas and approaches to pragmatically and effectively address the most pressing social cohesion challenges. We contribute to the World Bank's mission of reducing poverty and improving economic growth by promoting an improved understanding of the role of social cohesion within the development context and promoting effective, practical strategies to increase social cohesion and to prevent violence through the World Bank's work.
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