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Global Fund for Youth Investment

The GFYI was closed on December 31st 2013 and this site will not be updated further.



"With 1.3 billion young people (age 15-24) now living in developing countries - the largest ever youth group in history - there is a critical need to invest in youth at this time. A failure to train them more effectively to be active, responsible citizens, could lead to widespread disillusionment and social tensions" 

(World Development Report 2007: Development and the Next Generation, The World Bank).

Countries that miss this demographic window will find themselves lagging increasingly behind in the global economy. However, developing countries that invest in their record number of young people could produce surging economic growth and sharply reduced poverty.

UN Youth Event:
Interview with Crystal Lee, United Natives
Interview with Jean Paul Brice Affana, African Youth Initiative on Climate Change

What we do

Established in March 2008, The Global Fund for Youth Investment (GFYI) is a multi-donor trust fund housed within the World Bank's Social Development Department (SDV) and is designed to offer a means of operationalizing the World Development Report's recommendations by addressing the needs of vulnerable youth in violent and post-conflict settings.

GFYI themes are built on SDV's core principles of cohesion, inclusion and accountability: building a cohesive society and community that are inclusive of young people; promoting youth inclusion through equal access to opportunities and information; and supporting youth to voice their ideas and concerns towards a more accountable government.

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