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The Participation and Civic Engagement (PCE) group is a thematic team in the Social Development Department of the World Bank. The group focuses on promoting participation and civic engagement in Bank supported operations. It builds on the World Bank's Social Development Strategy with its three conceptual pillars, inclusion, cohesion and accountability. To access the draft of the social development strategy, please click here: Social Development Strategy

The World Bank has learned through decades of interaction with Civil Society Organizations (CSO) that their participation in development projects, programs and policy debates can improve the representation of poor people, help to exact accountability and enhance operational performance.

The PCE group works in conjunction with regional and other World Bank units, assisting them with advice and technical support. In its current work program the group is exploring ways for the WB to best promote social accountability and contribute to improving the enabling environment for civic engagement. It works closely with the Civil Society Team to strengthen engagement with CSO in policy dialogue and in formulation of development programs and projects.

The roots of the PCE group in the World Bank date back to the early 1990s. A Bank-wide Learning Group on Participatory Development was launched in December 1990 for examining the issues of participation and identifying ways to step up efforts to support participation in its operations. This organizational learning process succeeded in enhancing the awareness of the importance and the practice of participation in the work of the World Bank, produced a wealth of technical guidance materials (e.g. the Participation Sourcebook) and resulted in an long-term organizational strategy, as well as an action plan to make the Bank's work in this area more effective. To access the report, please click here: World Bank and Participation

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