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Participation at Project, Program & Policy Level

What is Participation?

Participation is the process through which stakeholders influence and share control over priority setting, policy-making, resource allocations and access to public goods and services.

Why is participation important?

Stakeholder participation in World Bank-funded projects and programs can be key for ensuring their long-term sustainability. Promoting participation helps build ownerhsip and enhances transparency and accountability, and in doing so enhances effectiveness of development projects and policies.

Participation at Project, Program & Policy Level

Thus far, most experiences with participatory processes in the context of Bank lending have taken place at the micro or project level. However, with a shift towards programmatic forms of support and policy based lending and the new operational policy on development policy lending (OP/BP 8.60) there is a greater recognition of the need to promote participatory approaches at the macro or policy level, and some innovative experiences have emerged in recent years.Participation can play an important role at the project level, as well as at the programmatic and policy level.


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Participation in World Bank's Policy and Lending