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Global Partnership for Enhanced Social Accountability Consultations

The World Bank Group (WBG) is considering the development of a Global Partnership for Enhanced Social Accountability. The objective of the Partnership is to strengthen beneficiary feedback and participation, including through supporting civil society capacity to engage with governments to improve development outcomes. The Partnership would focus on supporting civil society working in the area of social accountability. As part of its development, the WBG is holding public consultations seeking multi-stakeholder views throughout the development of the Partnership, from January through June 2012.


The Partnership is being examined in response to increasing evidence that development outcomes can be improved through the involvement of beneficiaries and other stakeholders in the design, monitoring and evaluation of public service delivery and resource management. In his speech at the Peterson Institute for International Economics on April, 6, 2011, World Bank President Zoellick called for the Bank “to examine, with its Board and shareholders, whether the Bank needs new capabilities or facilities that could leverage support from countries, foundations and others to strengthen the capacity of CSOs working on accountability and transparency in service delivery.” An internal working group was organized to explore ideas for providing support. A series of early discussions with civil society thought leaders, held between April and November 2011, have resulted in the drafting of a set of preliminary concepts and principles to shape the proposed Partnership.

Feedback received during these early discussions has indicated that support and resources over the long term are needed to enhance civil society’s capacity to fully engage with governments in key areas of development. Civic groups could benefit from a knowledge platform for sharing experience and innovation, and from opportunities for greater engagement with governments in support of shared development objectives.


The consultation period will run from January through June 2012. From January through the end of February 2012, the WBG will seek feedback on key concepts and principles that will help shape the conceptual framework for the Partnership and begin to tackle some of the operational details. A powerpoint presentation has been prepared as the basis for this discussion, as well as on online questionnaire to guide the consultations.

In March 2012, a summary of input received will be posted and fed into the development of a conceptual framework for the Partnership, which is scheduled to be presented to the WBG’s Board of Executive Directors in mid-April 2012. Subject to Board approval in April, consultations and conversations will continue from May through June 2012 to go deeper into the operational details of the Partnership in different country contexts.

Please visit our website, share your views, and if you have questions, send an e- mail to

We look forward to your participation in the consultations and to the insight you will bring as we move forward with this effort to strengthen beneficiary feedback and participation to improve development outcomes.

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