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Resources for Civil Society Organizations

The World Bank acknowledges the importance of the engagement of civil society in development. In order for organizations to facilitate their involvement in development, the Civil Society Fund has produced this publication in partnership with the International Youth Foundation. This publication is a web-based guide to technical and financial resources for NGOs and other organizations of civil society The publication uses NGOs (non-governmental organizations) and CSOs (civil society organizations) throughout the document usually depending on how the programs have used these terms.. The second version of this popular publication is in response to the demand for NGOs and other organizations of civil society for a one-stop source to information about funding for development projects.

The Civil Society Fund is one of several facilities or programs supported by the World Bank that provides grants to NGOs and other organizations of civil society. The purpose of the Civil Society Fund is to provide funding through participating World Bank Country Offices to activities that support the civic engagement of marginalized and vulnerable groups. Since the Civil Society Fund is not able to support many worthwhile projects, we have produced this Guide to help organizations that are engaged in development.

The Guide can be obtained as a PDF file from the bottom of this web page. All information on the Guide are posted on the websites with links.

The categories are:

  • Introduction provides a brief overview of how to think strategically about the sustainability of an organization in preparation for resource mobilization.

  • Technical Assistance provides websites offering online and other technical assistance on resource mobilization methods and links to NGO service Providers.

  • Categories of Donors provides a list of donor categories containing a few examples of specific donor organizations.

  • Researching Donors provides two ways of finding out information on a specific donor's programmatic priorities, geographical priorities, and application procedures. One is to go through the various published directories that fund development programs; another is to research the various portals that provide linkages to the Websites of specific donors. For latter, more depth information is provided in the following category of 'Web portals for Donor Websites.'

  • Grant Resources Supported by the World Bank provides brief information on the grants available from the World Bank.

Please note that inquiries regarding these sources should be addressed directly to the organization in question, not to the World Bank. Website links may also change.

The Civil Society Fund hopes that this resource proves to be helpful for your work in development and helps to connect you to people, organizations, and resources across countries.

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