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Preston Fund for Girls' Education

What activities does the program fund? Improving access to and the quality of girls' primary school education by building primary schools; paying school fees and staff salaries; buying uniforms; providing room and board, books, classroom furniture and laboratory equipment; role modeling, coaching and career counseling; promoting scientific careers; and providing community education to promote girls' enrollment and retention.

Who is eligible? Schools, teacher training and curriculum programs, locally-based community organizations, NGOs, local women's associations and women's rights organizations, and coalitions focused on the issue of girls' education.

How to apply? Proposals should detail the specific challenges to girls' access to education to be addressed by the project, and outline the project strategy and long-term plan for financial and program sustainability. More information on the program and how to apply is available on the Global Fund for Women website.


World Bank Unit: The Preston Fund was established in memory of Lewis Preston (former President of the World Bank) with funds from J.P. Morgan & Co., the World Bank, the Dutch government, and many institutional and individual donors.

Contact Address: The Global Fund for Women administers the Preston Education Fund for Girls, Global Fund for Women, 1375 Sutter Street, San Francisco, California 94109, USA.

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