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Health, Nutrition and Population

African Program for Onchocerciasis Control (APOC)

What activities does the program fund? APOC is a development partnership working to control onchocerciasis (riverblindness) primarily through the distribution of ivermectin in 19 sub-Saharan African countries. APOC offers a successful model of disease control in impoverished, remote areas through the coordinated strengths of many partners.
APOC is currently funding research to investigate the use of its riverblindness network to offer additional, similar, free health interventions.

Who is eligible? Members of APOC's Non-Governmental Development Organizations (NGDO) Coordination Group with track records in delivering effective community health services.

How to apply? Proposals are developed in partnership with the Ministry of Health of sub-Saharan African countries, and then submitted to APOC management.

Website: describes APOC. The World Health Organization (WHO) website provides details on the participation of NGDOs:

World Bank Unit: Onchocerciasis Coordination Unit (AFTF3). APOC Management (WHO), is headquartered in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso (The Fiscal Agent is the World Bank, which mobilizes resources and coordinates the involvement of donors, including bi- and multi-lateral agencies, foundations, and Merck & Co, Inc. APOC's Executing Agency is the WHO, which is responsible for overseeing all Programme operations).

Population and Reproductive Health Capacity Building Program

What activities does the program fund? Developing capacity of grassroots NGOs working in population, reproductive health, safe motherhood, harmful traditional practices including female genital mutilation, and other women and adolescent health issues.

Who is eligible? Grants are made to international and regional NGOs for assistance to grassroots NGOs in developing countries. International and regional NGOs with links to grassroots NGOs in developing countries can apply for grant funds to act as grant-making and technical assistance intermediaries.

How to apply? Contact the Human Development Network, Health, Nutrition and Population Department at the World Bank for information on how to participate.


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