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Scholarships, Fellowships and Study Grants

Global Development Network (GDN)

What activities does the program fund? Supports regional networks of policy-oriented research institutions; initiates training for researchers; conducts regional workshops to build institutional capacity; and sponsors regional research competitions. Offers tools, services and networking opportunities to help these institutions and their members join together to fight poverty. GDN has partnerships with one institution from each of seven regions to implement programs on a regional level. Regional networks administer research grants through a competitive process. All submitted proposals are peer-reviewed by professionals from outside the region. Regional competition winners are eligible to apply for Visiting Fellowships at the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

Who is eligible? Research and policy institutes involved in development studies.

How to apply? Regional networks make grants through open, competitive allocation of funds for research and participation in regional conferences and study visits. See GDN website for information on how to participate in regional networks and how to apply for research grants.


World Bank Unit: GDN Secretariat.

Joint Japan/World Bank Group Scholarship Program (JJ/WBGSP)

What activities does the program fund? Graduate studies in public policy at any university in a World Bank member country. Applicants propose a program of study related to development, usually economics, business, management, environment, urban/rural planning, or a related area.

Who is eligible? Nationals of a World Bank member country, under 45 years old (preferably under 40); in good health; with Bachelor's degree or equivalent in a development-related field with superior grades; and at least two (preferably four to five) years of full-time professional experience in a field related to economic development.

How to apply? Application forms are available from the JJ/WBGSP Secretariat from September through January and at World Bank offices in many countries. The application can also be downloaded from the World Bank/WBI website. Inquiries and applications to the address below.


World Bank Unit: World Bank Institute.

Contact Address: JJ/WBGSP Secretariat, 1818 H Street NW, Washington, D.C. 20433, USA.

Margaret McNamara Memorial Fund (MMMF)

What activities does the program fund? The MMMF was established in 1981 to honor the late Margaret McNamara and her commitment to the well being of women and children in developing countries.
The fund supports the education of women from developing countries who are committed to improving the lives of women and children in their home countries. The MMMF awards five to six grants of about $11,000 each year; they are not renewable.

Who is eligible? A woman applying for an MMMF grant must; have a record of service to women and/or children in her country; reside in the U.S. at the time she submits the application; be already be enrolled at an accredited U.S. educational institution and remain enrolled during the entire year of the grant; use the grant to continue to study for her degree; be a national of a developing country that is currently eligible to borrow from the World Bank and cannot be a U.S. Green Card holder; intend to return to a developing country in about two years; demonstrate financial need; be at least 25 years old; and not be related to any World Bank Group staff member or his or her spouse.

How to apply? If you meet all the criteria listed and you wish to complete the application on line you may go to our website. Alternatively, if you prefer a hard copy of an application, download request document, and fill in and, you may mail, email, or fax it at the address given below. Application forms for grants for the 2005/2006 academic year will be available from September 2004 until January 31, 2005. The deadline for completed applications is midnight, February 1, 2005. The MMMF will announce the recipients by May 1, 2005.

Website: Go to, then click World Bank Volunteer Services (WBVS). Select MMMF, one of their outreach activities.

World Bank Unit: Margaret McNamara Memorial Fund.

Contact Address: Margaret McNamara Memorial Fund, 1818 H Street, NW, 1818 H Street, NW, MSN H2-204, Washington, D.C. 20433, Tel: +1 (202) 4738751, Fax: +1 (202) 5223142, E-mail:

ProVention Consortium

What activities does the program fund? The ProVention Consortium is a global coalition of governments, international organizations, academic institutions, the private sector and civil society organizations dedicated to increasing the safety of vulnerable communities and to reducing the impact of disasters in developing countries. The ProVention Consortium is sponsoring a competitive forum to support innovative disaster risk management projects and encourage competent professionals in developing countries dedicated to reducing disaster risk. These proposals may include research projects, professional internships or professional development programs.

Who is eligible? Students and young professionals from developing countries are invited to propose creative projects and ideas.

How to apply? Applications will be screened by a jury consisting of ProVention Consortium partners. Awards will be made to proposals with the potential of making a significant contribution to the field. The selected projects will be awarded with a maximum grant of US $5000, and projects must be completed within six months of award under the guidance of a faculty advisor or a mentor who is a disaster professional.


World Bank Unit: Global Environment Partnerships

Robert S. Mcnamara Fellowships Program

What activities does the program fund? The program covers all tuition and fees for the Master in Public Policy (MPP) program at Princeton University's Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs, as well as travel costs and a stipend for living expenses for fellows and their accompanying family members.

Who is eligible? Mid-career professionals from World Bank borrowing member countries, including former socialist countries. Candidates must have a minimum of 7 years' public service work experience and must have strong academic qualifications.

How to apply? Applicants should apply directly to Princeton University, indicating on their applications that they are applying for admission as McNamara Fellows. They need not apply separately through the World Bank.

Website (World Bank):

World Bank Unit: World Bank Institute.

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