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Grant Resources Supported by the World Bank

The World Bank's mission is to reduce poverty and improve living standards for people in the developing world. The Bank provides loans, policy advice based on economic and sector analytical work, technical assistance, grants, and increasingly, knowledge-sharing services to governments.

The World Bank acknowledges the importance of the engagement of civil society in development. There are several facilities or programs that provide grants to civil society organizations (CSOs). This is a list of grant resources supported by the World Bank that are available to qualified organizations. This list is not comprehensive and is subject to change. Interested applicants should check the website for updated information before sending a proposal as application guidelines, criteria, and deadlines vary and may change.

For more information on the World Bank, see the website The link to 'NGOs and civil society' provides information on the Bank and other useful external links for these groups. The Participation and Civic Engagement website, and the NGO/Civil Society website, also provide useful information for civil society.

The website provides quick access to World Bank information and resources on development issues of interest to the global development community. For questions on development issues, refer to the World Bank Sectoral/Topical Help Desks and Advisory Services listed on this site.

Before you submit an application…

RESEARCH THE GRANT PROGRAM you are interested in to learn more about application deadline, procedures and criteria. Be sure your organization can meet all the requirements.

DEVELOP PARTNERSHIPS with related local, national and regional organizations.

DOCUMENT AND DEMONSTRATE your organizations' qualifications and experience relevant to the program's activities.

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