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CSF Supports Civil Society Networks in MENA

Following the Arab Spring, governance and social accountability have gained prominence in the World Bank’s agenda in MENA. In light of this increased emphasis, World Bank and CARE Egypt co-organized the Affiliated Network for Social Accountability (ANSA) – Arab World Regional Strategic Planning and Social Accountability Workshop in Amman, Jordan from June 5-9, 2011.


The five-day workshop in Jordan brought together over 40 representatives from government, CSOs, media, and the private sector from seven Arab countries: Jordan, Egypt, Lebanon, Yemen, West Bank and Gaza, Morocco and Tunisia.  The aim was to introduce key social accountability topics and to lead a discussion on the establishment of the network, its governance structure and membership criteria, as well as programmatic areas of engagement, at the country and regional levels. 


As follow-up to the workshop, the Civil Society Fund provided a grant to CARE Egypt, who will use the funds for institutional and technical support to country-level start up activities. The institutional support will focus on setting up a monitoring and evaluation system, and a data exchange system for the network to maximize the impact of knowledge exchange within and between the countries. The technical support will cover the following activities:

  • Awareness raising on Social Accountability and the ANSA-Arab World;
  • Social Accountability Risk Assessment;
  • Stakeholder Outreach with a special focus on membership


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