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CSF Opens New Demand for Good Governance Funding Windows

In FY11, the CSF opened two new governance-themed windows of funding, on top of its regular grant activities, in response to the rising prominence of the good governance agenda within the Social Development family and the World Bank. The CSF is providing grants of $40,000 to 6 CSOs working on Budget Transparency and 9 CSOs working on Third Party Monitoring. Project activities include awareness raising, capacity building, CSO coalition formation and pilot programs in order to monitor and improve implementation in a variety of areas, such as local government spending, anti-corruption legislation, a court-mandated environmental clean up plan, national disability law, local service delivery, CAS results and Bank infrastructure projects. A list of projects being funded can be seen below.



Project Title & Objectives

Budget Transparency


Dominican Republic


Social Monitoring of the Participatory Anti-Corruption Initiative in the Dominican Republic: Strengthen CSOs’ capacity to monitor government's progress on  "IPAC Recommendations" (30 recommendations previously agreed on between the President and a multi-donor anti-corruption initiative)




Budgetary Democratization in Honduras: Improve access to public information regarding the budget for analysis, debate, social auditing, and accountability at regional and national levels.




Supporting Liberian Civil Society Engagement in Budget Monitoring: Create a fully informed and empowered citizenry on budget allocation through broader engagement and partnership between civil society organizations and government of Liberia.




Philippines Budget Transparency Fund: Build analytical research capacity among CSOs on budget monitoring, generate pro-poor budget recommendations, and promote knowledge sharing among CSOs, academic institutions, government agencies.


Sri Lanka


Building Media and Civil Society Capacities for Budget Transparency: Build media and civil society capacities to better collaborate with government counterparts in understanding and communicating information related to budget and resource allocation at national and provincial levels. 




From People’s Participation In Commune Budget Analysis To Promoting Local Government’s Transparency And Accountability: Develop a feasible and sustainable model on promoting local government’s transparency and accountability through people’s participation in commune budget analysis.

Third Party Monitoring




Placing Vulnerable Groups at the Center of Results Monitoring: Enhance capacity of CSOs to analyze and monitor CAS results, and increase knowledge sharing between WB, government and CSOs.




Strengthening the capacity of citizen observatories to monitor the implementation of the constitutional rights of persons with disabilities: Strengthen the institutional capacity of the newly created Citizens Observatories to fulfill their mandate to monitor progress in the enforcement of disability rights. 




Egypt Education Community Scorecard Pilot in Ismailia: Improve educational outcomes by engaging stakeholders through school activities, budget allocations and outcomes; promote greater transparency and accountability for effective school management through performance monitoring; and promote an inclusive monitoring and evaluation process where marginalized groups, particularly women and the poor, will influence the quality of education at the school level.


El Salvador


Implementation of the Access to Public Information Law: 5. Contribute to transparency and accountability of public administration by building capacity of CSOs and government officials for the monitoring and implementation of the recently approved public information law.




Democracy in Moldova: Develop innovative communication and information applications that increase transparency and social accountability in Moldova. 




Empowering local communities through ICT for service delivery monitoring: Encourage and empower CSOs and local communities for monitoring of public services by creating ICT based tool and platform. 





Development Watch: Improve transparency and accountability in Bank-supported government projects by enhancing the effectiveness of CSOs’ engagement in third party monitoring through technical and financial support


Sri Lanka


Continuous Benefit Monitoring of Roads: The aim of the project will be to design and pilot a third-party benefit monitoring system that can be used by the Sri Lanka Road Development Authority (RDA), the World Bank and other interested donors, which will allow for communities, road users and other stakeholders to provide inputs into project outcomes.




Establishing of the M&E CSO Network: To establish a network of country-wide CSOs in order to have a reliable and independent partner for M&E of the Bank and Government programs.

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