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Social Capital in Operations

Experiences from the Field




Sierra Leone

Social Capital is a concept that has significant implications for enhancing the quality, effectiveness and sustainability of CDD operations. In order to translate the theory of Social Capital into a more practical construct, the Social Capital Implementation Framework (SCIF) was developed, based on findings from two desk reviews of internal and external projects with social capital components. The main goal of the framework is to provide guidance on how social capital can be incorporated into operations . 


Under SCIF, the concept of Social Capital is broken down to five sub-categories for operational purposes. These sub-categories capture both the structural and cognitive forms of social capital. The five dimensions of social capital include: Groups and networks; Trust and Solidarity; Collective Action and Cooperation; Social Cohesion and Inclusion; and Information and Communication. .The SCIF also provides entry points for integrating social capital into operations by applying the 5 dimensions of social capital to different stages of the project cycle - Identification ; Preparation & Appraisal ;  Implementation & Supervision; and Evaluation.