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Working Paper Series

The Social Development Department has supported two significant research initiatives to understand, measure and assess the impact of social capital. Both the Social Capital Initiative and the Local Level Institutions Study  supported community-focused research in developing countries. As a result of that research and the working papers generated, we have an improved sense for the role social capital plays in development.

Social Capital Document Library

This database includes hundreds of abstracts of documents on social capital which will be updated and supplemented periodically. The database is intended to further the knowledge, understanding, and applications of social capital for sustainable social and economic development. We hope that it will be used by World Bank staff, external partners, universities, researchers, institutions, civil society, governments and practitioners interested in social capital.

Disclaimer: The Social Capital Document Library was developed by the World Bank in collaboration with Michigan State University. The summaries included have not been written or approved by the authors of the original documents cited. Our goal is to provide abstracts of sufficient detail and quality to help readers in their search for usable information on social capital. The abstracts are a guide to and an overview of research on social capital, but should not be regarded as a substitute for the original work. As such, the original work and sources should be consulted and cited. We welcome feedback from authors and users alike regarding the usefulness of the summaries, both individually and as a set.  Click here to send us any comments or suggestions.

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