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Social Protection & Labor Strategy 2012-2022

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Despite threats of economic, political or climatic crisis as well as risks of unemployment, disability or illness, people and families around the world are discovering new and improved ways to not only deal with these risks, but to access opportunities. They are finding jobs, improving the productivity of their work and investing in the health, education and well-being of their children. Helping them are the social protection and labor systems being built, refined or reformed in almost every country. The new Social Protection & Labor Strategy lays out a path to deepen the Bank's involvement, capacity, knowledge and impact in thease areas over the next decade.

Bank Launches Social Protection Strategy in Africa

Ten year strategy supports the development of social protection systems in the region.

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Worldwide, people in developing countries are striving to improve their livelihoods in the face of multiple risks. Safety nets provide economic opportunity and help build resilience to crises, through cash transfers, public works, and nutritional feeding programs. In this video, learn how safety nets have provided two young girls -- one in Brazil and one in Ethiopia -- with hope for the future.
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