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Lundberg, Mattias and Alice Wuermli (eds). 2012. Children and Youth in Crisis: Protecting and Promoting Human Development in Times of Economic Shocks. Washington DC: The World Bank.

The impact of economic crises on human development is complex and heterogeneous. While some families and young people display astonishing resilience when exposed to a crisis, many others are unable to prevent exposure, protect themselves, or adapt in a positive way - with potentially serious long-term consequences for healthy and productive development. This research project reviews the available evidence on the impact of crises on the development of young people, and how best to protect and promote human development during economic downturns. Drawing from the fields of economics, sociology, psychology, and anthropology, this research provides an interdisciplinary framework for identifying and understanding age-specific vulnerabilities from conception through to young adulthood, the importance of context and how it changes across the life course, and the different transmission mechanisms through which economic shocks can affect young people. To prevent the worst consequences of exposure to shocks, and assist families and young people to recover, countries need to go beyond traditional safety nets, to develop and implement effective policies and programs. Building on the existing evidence base across the globe, this volume provides a mix of promising interventions at different stages of the life cycle that can help achieve this goal.

Overview (PDF 529kb)

Full document (PDF 1.4mb)

Chapter No. 1 (PDF 305kb)

Chapter No. 2 (PDF 736kb)

Chapter No. 3 (PDF 560kb)

Chapter No. 4 (PDF 530kb)

Chapter No. 5 (PDF 490kb)

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Policy Notes

The policy notes summarize the implications of economic crisis on different age groups and present a selection of policy options to protect and promote their healthy development.

Early Childhood (PDF 170kb)

Middle Childhood (PDF 166kb)

Adolescence (PDF 164kb)

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