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May 24, 2012Afghanistan Poverty Assessment
May 17, 2012Ibero-American countries come together to reduce road deaths
May 03, 2012Innovative Surveys Offer Precise, Timely View of Poverty
Apr 25, 2012Less Poverty Makes People More Equal, or Not
Apr 22, 2012Transcript: Development Committee Press Conference
Apr 21, 2012Development Committee Backs Plan to Boost Support for Safety Nets
Apr 20, 2012World Bank Flash: Close the Gap - Safety Nets Work
Apr 20, 2012Better Government Services = Happier Citizens
Apr 19, 2012Transcript of Opening Press Conference with World Bank Group President Robert Zoellick
Apr 18, 20123 out of 5 People in Developing Countries Lack Safety Nets
Apr 18, 2012World Bank Flash - Close the Gap: Safety Nets Work
Apr 16, 2012Statement from Dr. Jim Yong Kim regarding his selection by the World Bank's Executive Directors as 12th President of the World Bank
Apr 16, 2012Zoellick Congratulates Dr. Jim Yong Kim as New World Bank Group President
Apr 16, 2012World Bank’s Executive Directors Select Dr. Jim Yong Kim 12th President of the World Bank Group
Apr 16, 2012Health Finance Sector Brief
Apr 13, 2012World Bank Spring Meetings Highlight the Power of Safety Nets to ‘Close the Gap’
Apr 09, 2012New Bank Report Looks at China’s Rural Elderly
Mar 29, 2012Ethiopia: World Bank Support for Social Safety Net to Benefit 8.3 million Ethiopians by 2015
Mar 29, 2012Why We Should Care About Inequality
Mar 20, 2012Thailand: Innovation and Skills will Generate More Jobs
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