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Data & Statistics on Disability

Disability and Development LogoThe linkage between poverty and disability is strong and goes in both directions. Poverty causes disability through malnutrition, poor health care, and dangerous living conditions. Disability can cause poverty by preventing the full participation of disabled people in the economic and social life of their communities, especially if the proper supports and accommodations are not available. In fact, the qualitative evident suggests that disabled people are significantly poor in developing countries, and more so than non-disabled counterpart.

One problem in studying the link between income, poverty, and disability is the difficulty in obtaining high quality data, especially data that is useful for comparisons across countries. The rate of disability found in household surveys and censuses varies dramatically. This variation results from differing measures of disability, different data collection techniques, and different reactions to survey questions by respondents.

The World Bank, in partnership with other international agencies, is working to expand and improve the collection of disability data in developing countries.

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